Mozzie Engine Driven Foggers (ULV)

Mozzie Gasoline Powered Foggers are especially designed to provide quiet but efficient power with simple operation. Models are available from 5.5 horse power to 8 horsepower engines. All electric start with manual or remote throttle options and single or dual nozzle output. All models are compatible with Arro-Gun Larvicide Applicators. Larger and high output units available with anti-theft/anti-tamper totally enclosed and secure construction.

Model 100

A compact 5.5 HP Honda OHV powered unit perfect for ATV and amphibious operations featuring all aluminum and stainless steel construction, accurate electric formulation pump, and simple remote control. The chemical system is designed for high active, low flow applications where particle size and power is important.

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Model 550

The 550 is a medium duty unit with heavy duty performance. A sturdy aluminum frame with vibration isolation supports the powerful but quiet 300 CFM blower driven by a 5.5 HP Honda engine. The entire chemical system is enclosed within the lockable cabinet, making the 550 one of the most secure units available today. The 550 is Arro-Gun plug-n-play ready to add larvicide capability with the Model 400 Mozzie Granular Applicator.

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Model 610

Incorporating an enhanced security system, the 610 is powered by a Honda 8 HP engine. The 610 is available in single or dual nozzle configurations with added features such as all stainless steel quick release manifolds, remote throttle, secured key system, and Arro-Gun plug-n-play.

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 Bullet Hand Fogger

4-Cycle convenience in a lightweight and portable unit. The simple operation and ease of use makes the Bullet an essential tool for outdoor sand fly and mosquito spot treatments. The fuel priming system make start especially easy. The 358 CFM blower causes particles to virtually disappear with a powerful air stream, and makes the Bullet much less obtrusive than similar units. The best news is that the Bullet is one of the most economical units of its kind. Up to 60 minutes of run-time on every tank of gas.

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 Ammo Pod Storage System

Throughout the world clients today are concerned about security. In order to meet this concern, we have developed a secure system allowing for storage, while providing light rugged control platforms. The Ammo-Pod is built to provide years of service along with pesticide storage without sacrificing security. These units are lockable light weight and ruggedly built for long lasting use of both granular products as well as adulticides while being pulled by ATV’s, golf carts, or any vehicle used in mosquito control. A Model 100 can be attached to the top for an all in one fogging and storage system.


Mozzie Electric Foggers (ULV)

Achieve stealth vector (mosquito and sand fly) control with the unitized Mozzie Electric Fogger. These 12 volt systems provide greater noise reduction than gasoline models and the same anti-theft/anti-tamper features of the totally enclosed gasoline units. Coupled with a high output alternator, the Mozzie Electric is capable of normal operations with no loss of power and efficiency. Add the Arro-Gun Larvicide Applicator to complete your tools for flexible vector (mosquito and sand fly) management.


 Model 200

This Mozzie Fog Electric standard unit is particularly suited for rough terrain use. With the heavy duty DC motor/blower combination exclusive to Arro-Gun, it is by far the the most quiet unit in the Mozzie line of foggers. The chemical system is designed for high active, low flow applications where particle size and power is important. Sporting a single, fully adjustable nozzle, it is built to last and give years of performance in diverse environments.

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Model 250

The Mozzie Fog Electric High Output unit provides the power, performance, durability and simplicity to give years of dependable service. From the fully integrated enhanced security system to the sturdy heavy duty construction, the HO is designed with the Vector Control professional in mind. Two independently controlled nozzles provide 360 degrees of infinite adjustable position. The quick release nozzle feature makes the Mozzie Electric Fog easily convertible to a dry granular applicator by addition of the fully compatible Arro-Gun Granular Application System.

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Barrier Spray Applicators

Barrier spraying is a necessity when it comes to protecting you guests and clients from biting sand flies and mosquitoes. Our barrier sprayers of choice are Hudson Brand. Our barriers sprayers are easy and convenient to use and extremely portable so you can apply where it counts most. Barrier sprays are an effective way to eliminate mosquitoes and sand flies where they land and rest during the day or common areas that need extra protection.

Hudson BAK-PAK Power Sprayer

Hudson is a manufacturer of spraying
equipment, outdoor power equipment and high pressure pumps. The power Mist/Duster is ideally suited for applying barrier spray. It is designed to efficiently cover larger ares and hard to get ares with its portability. Sprayer comes with multiple attachments for a wider variety of spraying and misting purposes.


Mozzie Larvicide Applicators

Choose from three models to meet your larvicide needs. These units are capable of applying Altosid pellets and granules as well as Vectolex. Our Larvicide Applicators are designed to plug and play on most popular insecticide units available today. Connect to a 12 volt DC power source and dispense with a hand-held pistol or through a cannon mounted directly to the insecticide fogger. Each unit can be adjusted to deliver just the right amount of larvicide giving you economy and flexibility.

 Mozzie Catch Basin Applicator 300

The Mozzie Catch Basin Applicator is a valuable resource for larviciding of catch basins and drain ways. With its own self-contained blower, measured doses of larvicide can be applied without tying up expensive adulticiding equipment that isn’t suited to small target areas. The unique dosing system applies 10 shots of larvicide per minute, and a resettable counter keeps track of the number of doses applied to the target. The tip of the extendable Arro-Gun can dispense product up to 12 feet from the hopper and an additional 8-10 feet with the blower which allows the operator to put the product precisely where it is needed.

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Granular Applicator Model 400

For broadcast applications of larvicide, the Mozzie Granular Applicator can’t be beat. A newly designed continuous flow flexible impeller positively dispenses product with no jams or stoppage, whether granules, pellets or cob. Combined with the speed control, the operator has complete control over the product application rate. With the addition of adapters and accessories, the Mozzie Granular Applicator can be attached to virtually any ULV truck mounted machine, extending its flexibility and usefulness and with all Mozzie Foggers, the Model 400 is plug-n-play with everything you need to get up and running fast!

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 Standalone Granular Applicator 410

A continuous flow unit with self-contained blower, the 410 combines features of the Granular Applicator to allow larvicide application without using expensive truck mounted blowers for dispersal of the product. Like the Model 400 the Standalone has a speed control to regulate the flow rate. It is also capable of dispensing granular, cob, and pellet products

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Sand Fly Injection System

Drive the new Sand Fly Injector System for even more versatility in and around seaside resort areas. Mounted with a 25 gallon liquid tank, the Sand Fly Injector applies a non toxic larvicide into the sand and simultaneously grooms the beach. This system is available with quick hitch features for Argo or three point Category I and II tractors. The larvicide is metered for optimum application rates. A Hand wand applicator is also included for spot treatment around vegetation.

 Sand Fly Injector System

Do your beaches eat you alive with sand flies? Are tourist dollars not being spent at your resort because of sand flies! We have come up with the solution. The process uses a unique injection system that has been developed for sand fly control. Using a BioRational approach with chemicals that are both environmentally safe and have been registered and used in drinking water.

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Amphibious and ATV Systems

Get directly to the target areas with our off road systems featuring complete fogging and larvicide capabilities. With several options and combinations of Arro-Gun products, you can choose the right tools for quiet and silent running in almost any terrain and at any time of the day without disturbing guests.

 Custom Trailer & Equipment Haulers

BioRational Vector Control has teamed with Alum-Line to supply you with any truck bed or trailers mosquito abatement needs. From 25 gallon tanks to 1000 gallon chemical tote trailers for aerial support. We can also design and supply custom-made trailer and equipment haulers. All of our trailers are rugged built to last. All aluminum construction materials also help to fight corrosion when used in tough environments and conditions.

 Polaris ATV, Mozzie 100, Arrogun 400

A great and complete start up system for easy adulticide application against mosquitoes and sand flies.

 EZ-GO, Liquid Larvacide
A great and complete start up system for easy larvicide application against sand flies breeding in intertidal zones.

 Argo 8x8, Mozzie 100, Arrogun 400                                   

A great and complete start up system for easy granular larvidcide application. Stop mosquitoes and sand flies before they even become a problem.