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Biorational Vector Controll LLC


A multidisciplinary team with over 50+ years of experience led by Dan Ariaz, who has won numerous awards and is internationally recognized as an expert in establishing effective control programs that work with a minimum of resources and capital.

Core philosophies and technology are integrated into a unique approach to site evaluation, field surveillance, and environmental impact to tailor a control program specific to your area. This all inclusive strategy is applied throughout your organization by thorough education and training of all employees responsible for implementation of the program.

• To use the most effective products available which are cost effective, easy to use, environmentally  friendly and compatible with all current application equipment
• To provide the most effective biting fly control, including mosquitoes, sand flies and black flies, utilizing environmentally friendly products that are innocuous to non-target organisms
• To focus on safe and sane use of cost effective methods and principles for the control of pestiferous insects in accordance with the guidelines recognized by international organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization