Insect Protection for Legal Marijuana Growers


Arro-Gun Spray Systems, L.L.C. provides you with the tools you need to protect your valuable crops against feeding insects such as mites, aphids, whiteflies, leaf hoppers, cutworms, budworms, and stem borers. We work with legal marijuana growers and help them keep their plants insect free with natural, safe, and green pesticide products. We provide valuable application equipment and attachments to make applying these pesticides safe and hassle-free. For more information view our downloadable brochure below.

For questions concerning Cannabis control please contact:

BioRational Vector Control LLC

Scott Monsen
Phone: (530) 589-5116

Russell Eck
Phone: (775) 530-0724

For equipment and chemical purchasing

Dan Ariaz & Don Grissom
Phone: (775) 972-4782 or (830) 779-2496
Mobile: (775) 843-2647
Fax: (775) 972-8254
E-Mail: or


                                          Marijuana Informational Brochure